We all get scared.

Posted on January 2, 2017 at 12:10 AM

We all get scared…..

Have you set some big goals and dreams for 2017?

If not, why not? Just kidding…. Well sorta….

Clarity is king, I believe that if we are not clear on where we are going, then we really will end up anywhere and wonder what the hell happened in 5 to 10 years from now!

Creating super clear and specific goals that you KNOW when you have hit the target is a total requirement for creating a life that you love and for achieving your greatest goals, dreams and ambitions.

However I also want to raise another topic that often arises when setting goals.

Fear….. And the greater the goal and the more it means to you, the more FEAR will show up!

Overcoming this through understanding how our mind works is one of the greatest gifts that we can give ourselves as it will remind us that a.) We are human, b.) We will survive, even if we ignore this fear and c.) We can create and achieve our greatest desires by CHOOSING to move beyond this FEAR.

It is our very natural and normal survival (limbic brain) mind that arises to tell us that we are stepping outside our comfort zone. People suffer from the fear of failure, fear of success, fear of rejection etc.

Our deepest fear is that we are not enough and therefore we won’t be loved. It is literally hardwired into us as babies and anytime we feel that we are moving outside of our normal comfort zone, this fear will arise. It comes from our need to fit in and belong, that elicits this fear, and the threat of being criticised, judged or worse still rejected by our “tribe” is massive.

My own biggest discovery with this fear surfaced when I was initially building my Kinesiology business. At the time I gave it the power to literally immobilise and paralyse me at times. Thank goodness I chose to move ahead anyway, because my dream and longing to help people and make a difference was what drove me to overcome it. Not only that, but it personally took so much emotional, mental and physical effort to move beyond it to build my business, that I was CERTAIN that I had cleared this fear FOREVER!

NOT SO….. I was to learn over and over again, every single time that I stepped outside my comfort zone and went to up level my life in some way, shape or form, there it was - guaranteed….. staring me in my face or tightening my stomach and creating waves of anxiety, I should say!

FEAR is one of our greatest gifts, essentially it is here to help us survive, it tells us not to step off the curb if a car is coming, or to jump off the cliff, it wants to keep you safe! However it is also pointing you to the EXACT area in life that you NEED to GROW the most!

We are built to grow and evolve every day, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually and if we are not we will feel stuck, bogged down and exhausted and drained by life. When we are living in a state of constantly trying to supress our dreams and desires because we don’t want to get outside our comfort zone, we settle for a life of mediocrity and boredom.

YOU were BORN to FLY!

YOU were BORN to be ALL that you CAN BE!

YOU are a GIFT to this WORLD and if you are succumbing to your personal fears and not sharing your gifts, your talents, your uniqueness in the world, then people are missing out. YOU are missing out on the joy of CREATING your WORLD and living your full potential.

BUT most people won’t, because they will be settling for a life of COMFORTABILITY, SECURITY and EASE. And that’s ok, if that’s what they TRULY, DEEPLY WANT.

But I’m guessing it’s not….

The BIGGEST reason I know this, is that EVERY TIME I step up and outside of my comfort zone, I feel EXHILIRATED! I feel ALIVE and I feel PASSIONATE and PURPOSEFUL and I’m guessing that you do too.

It adds MEANING to my LIFE.

What I’m about to say next, might sound odd, however I feel the need to share with you, that I am actually an Introvert. It is not normal or natural for me to stand in front of large groups of people and talk. However every time I do so, I get excited, because every time I EXTEND myself and DECIDE to get UNCOMFORTABLE, I know I am GROWING and it fuels my self-belief and confidence EVERY SINGLE TIME.

But not only that, I’m showing up for me and for others and that feels AMAZING. To know in this moment that I have conquered my FEAR.

Even writing this blog, I had to move beyond my fear, “what will they think?” “who am I to speak up and speak out?”

These are all so natural and normal and are experienced by so many people.

What gifts are you holding back on?

What talents are you yet to share with the world?

What do you desire deeply and yet never given yourself full permission to go after that goal?

What would drive you and excite you?

Allow your deepest desires and wishes to pull you towards them, focus on WHY it’s important that you achieve this or do this. It will always help in moving past your fears.

I’d love to hear your personal stories in overcoming your past fears and perhaps what is stopping you now?

Embrace your FREEDOM, it is yours to DECIDE to embrace it, or ALLOW fear to shackle you and imprison you.


Check out this video in Overcoming Fear by Brendan Burchard.

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Remember it’s never one BIG decision, it’s the little moments that count the most!

Love Sal xox


Ps. We all have fears and limitations – both conscious and unconscious… I’m super excited about sharing my “Create a life you Love” Program with you soon. It’s kicking off on the 13th of January!




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