Feeling Emotional? Don't avoid your Emotions, Embrace Them!

Posted on January 4, 2017 at 12:55 AM

We can tend to spend a lifetime, trying to avoid our emotions.

 Most people find them at best, ok and at worst, downright annoying and frustrating things that makes them feel completely out of control, vulnerable and weak in the world.

 At times our emotions can appear to have a devastating and debilitating effect on our lives. However I truly believe that our emotions are an incredible gift.


They are our guidance system, navigating us every day and letting us know that we are getting off course and need to either a.) change our thinking or b.) change our actions.


At times people can feel completely out of control with their emotions and it can feel that the emotions “just happen” and they can’t stop them. I also believe that majority of panic attacks come from deeply suppressed emotion, that have been pushed down and shoved down in an attempt to free our self from them, because the situation at the time had put us in a state of survival, and to get through the situation, this was what needed to happen in order to be able to function in the world.

For some, facing their own emotions is the scariest thing in the world.

After diving into some of my deepest emotions and deciding to embrace the experience instead of avoid the experience I discovered that my emotions could actually teach me quite a lot about myself.

Emotions are created within the body, by the meaning and perception that we have when we look at or experience an event, by what we tell our self about that event, by the way we hold our body and physiology – everybody could describe how a depressed person looks v’s a confident person, and by what we are choosing to focus on at the time.

We can very quickly change our pattern of emotions by changing any one of these things consciously. The problem is that we become addicted to particular emotions because they are meeting at least one or more of the 6 human needs discovered by Tony Robbins (Certainty, Variety, Significance, Love/Connection, Growth & Contribution), even if it is in an unresourceful way, and even if it breaks our own rules and values.

The thing that I love about our emotions is that they are here to guide us back home to reconnect us again with our truest self and our heart. When our emotions are way off and feel awful, it is like the bumpy bits on the sides of the highway that are letting us know that we are getting off track.

The biggest problem that we have is firstly believing that we shouldn’t have any problems in life and secondly it is in our perspective and arguing against reality and what it “should” look like that can create the unresourceful emotions.

We take our own rules and expectations and place them on others or circumstances, only to discover they break our rules, just like we do with our self and end up feeling bitterly disappointed, let down and perhaps angry and resentful.

Our emotions are here to let us know, that something is off.

Either our thoughts, our rules and beliefs or our actions. Our inner guidance and truest self, knows at all times that we are perfectly ok, whole and complete. It knows and trusts that we are never in danger and everything will be ok, even in death. Our MIND is the one that jumps in with fear and scarcity thinking, trying to protect, defend and justify. Because our MIND is what separates everything into good/bad, right/wrong, hot/cold etc. because our MIND is built for SURVIVAL not for SUCCESS.

Our heart and truest self, knows and trusts in the process of life and knows that life happens for us, not to us.


If you are experiencing high levels of anxiety, your MIND has taken over your HEART, which will always result in FEAR based thinking because that is what it is DESIGNED to do. The MIND is here to protect us and keep our physical body safe.

Now the remedy here, is a spiritual one, it is knowing that we are more than just a physical body. Our energy and the way we interact with each other, gives us clear indications that we are more than just our physical body, not to mention modern science has also proven this recently.

The anecdote is quietening the mind enough, to hear the soft, gentle whisper of our heart. To tap into its highest truth and to listen to all that it has to say. It is always calm, ever present, and will always present the highest perspective for us to tap into. The only issue is quietening and training the MIND enough, especially when we feel that we are operating in SURVIVAL mode, day in day out.

And to be truthfully honest, I do believe that’s how most of us live day to day. Just trying to get through the day instead of truly THRIVING!

I’m here to let you know that life does NOT have to be this way. There IS another way, and it is a path of fulfilment, contentment, growth, contribution, being the best version of you and helping EMPOWER not only yourself, but others along the way.

If your MIND and EMOTIONS are frustrating you and holding you back from living a life you truly love, I honestly believe that you ALREADY have the answers you need.

When you allow your HEART to GUIDE your MIND, instead of ALLOWING your MIND to run the show, you will experience a new serenity, a new peacefulness and calmness in your life. Your MIND will become an amazing tool that you can fully utilize to HELP you, not hinder you through FEARFUL thoughts and wanting to PROTECT yourself.

After feeling endless frustration with feeling totally out of control with my own emotions and own life circumstances, I went on an 8 year journey to find the answers I needed to live a life I LOVE.

I have developed a step by step, simple and easy system to assist you to UNDERSTAND how YOUR MIND works and why it does what it does. A system to align YOU with YOUR own HEART, to find your FREEDOM and to LIVE your TRUTH and CREATE a life you LOVE.


A 10 week online program where you are fully SUPPORTED with an amazing and nurturing online community with other like-minded souls on the journey, weekly live Q & A webinars and 1 on 1 assistance to help QUIETEN your MIND and tap into YOUR own internal GUIDANCE and TRUTH.

Our days are mini versions of our LIFE.

If your days are not what you dreamed they would be, it’s time to take action now.

You don’t have to follow my system to FIND your answers, of course they are ALL inside of you now, your own intuition and guidance will take you to where you need to be to find them. Internally or Externally.

However if YOUR life is busy and full with commitments, family, work and running a household as mine was, and if you don’t want to spend over 6 Figures getting the answers and keys to understand and create a LIFE you LOVE and waiting another 2- 8 years to FIND it, then perhaps the Authentic Happiness Program is the answer you’ve been looking for?



Want to know more?

Tired of the crazy emotions and Ready to take Action?

Want to be the best role model for your kids and teach them the tools they need to live a fulfilling and empowered life?

If you answered yes to the above, it’s time to stop talking about it, stop thinking about it and DECIDE to take ACTION.


Click on the Web Store Link to discover more!

With love,

Sal xox


P.S. If this message really resonates with you, lets spread the positivity by sharing it with your friends and loved ones. We can all use a little help and reminding at times! xox 


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