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Customer Testimonials

Unexpected Gifts through Coaching...

When I met Sally I was at the lowest point in my life. I felt that there was no hope for me in life because I had lost my brother and his family in very tragic circumstances. My brother and I were as close as any brother could be. Now my world was collapsing and he couldn’t be there to look after me.

Luckily my wife took me to Sally for Kinesiology. I only went because my beautiful wife insisted. I can’t explain what Sally did, but the effect on me was amazing. The second time I went back, I was thinking how great it would be if I could get regular help from Sally, when Sally offered me Life Coaching. I said YES!

My coaching sessions have been full of unexpected gifts for life. I have heard a lot of what Sally tells me before, but Sally puts it together in a way that I can make it happen. After my third session something extraordinary happened. I call it my best day ever. I got my natural smile back and everyone I met that day was reflecting back my positive energy.

After my fourth session I can now truly listen to my wife and children. The really amazing thing is my Wife now tells me that she can’t believe how much she loves me. I am also well on the way to achieving a goal that I never thought possible for me, the bond with my children is growing so strong that I now feel that we will develop a trusting relationship where they will be able to come to me to talk about anything.

As a result of the coaching sessions with Sally I now feel I have a purpose in life again, and the enthusiasm to make life great for me, my family and beyond.

I would recommend Sally to anyone who wants to be great at something. A great parent, partner, boss, friend, grandparent, athlete.... Sally can start you on that journey today!



Riverina Region

Finding a clear path in Business, Study and Health....

When I was first referred to Sal, it felt like she had been placed back in my life at exactly the right time. I had so many plans and so many ideas running around inside of my head with no real time to commit to making things happen, or a plan of how to achieve what I wanted.

I had been introduced to life coaching through friends and colleagues. I had always been sceptical of the returns you get from the large financial investment that most coaches require. Having known Sal since I was a child, I knew that if she had taken something such as coaching on as a career that she would be very good at it, and I had no doubts at all when I signed up to six months coaching with her. She had me at hello.

I wanted to find a clear path to move forward in three main aspects of my life, my business, my study and my health (which in turn also involved my relationships with my family). We set a plan together to start, and our weekly accountability sessions meant that I felt an urgency and need to fulfill our set goals in a way that ignited a passion that I thought I had lost in myself for the things that I wanted for me. Not the things I wanted as a wife, a mum, a sister, a daughter, a friend, but for myself. One of the best things that I have mastered is taking responsibility for my time, planning my days, and making time to have space for myself.

There are not the right words to describe the profound effect that working with Sal as a life coach has had on my life. I have not had this type of clarity and result with my work, study and health, for as long as I can remember. I have always had one of those that have shined. When I was in corporate science, I was a master of my work. When I was studying, I was a master of making time to study. And when I was doing bodybuilding, nothing was more important than my body and the way I treated it.

But I never was able to balance having more than just that one focus at a time.

Now I can manage all three and I feel as though my life is truly taking the true path to a beautiful, wonderful, happy and loving future with myself and my family.

I would not hesitate to recommend Sal to anyone and everyone. There are always aspects of life that can be improved, better managed or fine tuned. She is brilliant at what she does and once you start working with her you will see just how brilliant you are too.

Katrina Rope


Environmental Scientist, Family Photographer, Full time mum, awesome wife, and all round super woman.

Coaching Works....

Before I started coaching with Sally I was feeling overwhelmed, stressed and struggling to get my things prioritized and in order. There was just too much to deal with. I was skeptical about the coaching at first, however I loved Sal’s positive nature and thought if I wanted something to change, I needed to make the first step.

What I achieved overall was avoiding a “fall in a heap” situation and probably making a split decision that would have been based on a run and hide emotional decision.

I now sleep better, have check outs, can delegate better and overall feel calmer and at peace with myself. I also believe that I am a happier, more positive person to be around.

Since working with Sal, I feel I process stress better, stay on top of workloads, embrace change and what’s important is I feel my business now has lots more structure and this has created a better work environment for all.

I would definitely recommend Sally to anyone that wants to improve their business on a day to day basis and achieve their goals! It doesn’t have to be a life-long commitment, but a few months maintenance here and there will keep you focused and driven to achieve the results when you are feeling overwhelmed.


Business Owner


Getting out of bed each day feeling excited and energised with Coaching...

When I first began coaching with Sally, I was still living my life looking for approval from the people around me.

I had been seeing Sally for Kinesiology with great success for a few years and had no doubt

Sally would help me achieve more.

The main benefits I have received is increasing the number of clients in my massage practise which was surprisingly easy with Sally's coaching. Also the chores on my farm that I didn't enjoy became fun to do just by understanding to enjoy each moment in life.

I now get out of bed each day with the excitement of life to keep me feeling energised.

The excitement that Sally has sparked in my life is incredible.

I would recommend Sally to anyone who wants more out of life in any way that you could imagine.

Chris Plum

Wagga Wagga

Farmer, Massage Therapist and Psych K Facilitator

My 'Miracle Worker'...

"I was recommended to Sally through my parents. They could not draw breath in their praise they offered about this lady called Sally. I decided I had to find out what all the rave was about....

I had a successful career, a balanced lifestyle and generally enjoyed life to the full. Life was pretty good. I did, however, suffer from period pain that became increasingly intense to the point where I was taking days off work, every month. It was then that I knew I had to do something. Over the years I have received a variety of treatments from conventional to alternative to alleviate the pain, alas, to no avail. They offered short term relief but nothing long term. I was at a point in time where my period was dictating my life.

I made an appointment with Sally – at the time I remember saying to my mother that 'If Sally can fix my period pain, she will be a miracle worker'! Within minutes, with her warm, gentle approach and understanding nature she identified numerous concerns that were contributing to my period pain. In an effortless encounter she performed her 'magic', with minimal input on my behalf. It was a very relaxing experience. My next period was much less intense and I could see an immediate improvement. Now I'm almost completely pain free and a sense of freedom has returned to my life. No longer do I check the calendar when making plans, I can safely book ahead months in advance and not be concerned about whether I will be physically able for the task.

I regularly visit Sally, as I find that although I have no immediate need to return for an appointment, I find that an issue will always present itself on the day of, or the evening before, a scheduled appointment! It's amazing how the universe works.

I thought that life was pretty good, until I met Sally, now it is amazing – the possibilities are endless.

You always leave an appointment with an effortless lightness in your step, and the sense that a weight has been lifted from your shoulders and that you are ready to take on the world. I cannot more highly recommend this amazing person, called Sally. Thank you for the opportunity of a life changing experience."


Wagga Wagga

Feeling Stronger and Calmer...

I first took my 8 year old Daughter to see Sally because she was an emotional ‘roller coaster’. She had little resilience and was very quick to give up, burst into tears and flop on her bed taking ages to be reasonable again. We were ‘walking on eggshells’ to keep her happy. She had also complained of having a ‘sore tummy’ for many years but doctors and paediatricians had not been able to help.

I heard about Sally and called her to see if she may be able to help. The emotional change in my daughter was amazing. My Husband was sceptical but after a couple of days commented to me about the dramatic change in her.

In helping my daughter I realised that Sally would be able to help me too. I was very stressed at work and home. I was overwhelmed. I felt like I was cranky at my family all the time. I was not sleeping well. I was overweight.

The feeling after the first session was amazing. I felt so calm and happy. Sally helped me to realise that I had unrealistic expectations of myself. Over a couple of visits, I was sleeping better, eating better and was kinder to myself.

As a result of working with Sally, I now feel stronger and calmer.

I would recommend Sally to anyone who wants to: Manage /reduce stress, feel better about themselves, lose weight and improve their relationships.


Wagga Wagga, NSW

Business Owner

Overcoming Deep Grief and Loss...

When I first saw Sally, my father had passed away suddenly and I was not coping at all. I was not sleeping and feeling very overwhelmed. I had read about kinesiology after a friend of mine was telling me she had seen a kinesiologist and I decided to give it a go. It was then that I saw on facebook that Sally had completed her course and was practicing in Wagga. So I saw it as a sign and booked. I have since been back whenever I feel like I need to be re balanced, like when my mother in law was diagnosed with a terminal illness, and again when she passed.

I have also taken my daughter to Sally for her allergies. She was allergic to all nuts and eggs. I also took her and my son to Sally after their Nanna passed away. There were both really close to her and so were experiencing deep grief and loss and not knowing how to direct their feelings.

I have been a lot calmer since seeing Sally, not as overwhelmed and not as angry. I sleep better and make better choices as a result. She has given me strategies to deal with situations as they arrive and to not feel so overwhelmed by it all. My daughter can now eat all nuts except peanuts and she can eat eggs. The relief and calmness in both of my children after their treatment when their nanna died was absolutely amazing.

I feel that after my treatments with Sally I am coping better, it gives me an overwhelming sense of relief, like a great weight has been lifted and everything seems so much easier and clearer.

I would recommend Sally to anyone who wants to achieve a bit of balance in their lives, and the lives of their children. Balance helps everything seem so much better and easier. Also to anyone who is experiencing food intolerances and allergies, or just not sure why they are not feeling 100%. Go and see her, she will be able to help! Our sessions are great!

A Smith

Coleambally NSW

Mum and Business Owner

Overcoming Anxiety...

Three months ago I went to see Sally not knowing what kinesiology was, or how it was going to affect me.

I was suffering from severe anxiety and depression, and was struggling with life commitments. I was in such a terrible place!! Just writing this now seems so long ago.

Sally has helped me in so many ways - I no longer am suffering from anxiety, have been able to heal trauma from many, many years of childhood abuse, a failed marriage and a recent rape, all of Sally's help was based around gentle relaxed healing and learning to trust myself and deal with emotions that came to the surface!!!!

I can honestly say that I am blessed to have found her, and cannot recommend her highly enough!!! My daily life is a joyful experience, and I have been able to come off anti-depressants, and work through my trauma.

Sally provides healing in a safe, relaxed and nurturing environment, her healing is not intrusive or fear based. One of the best gifts you could ever give yourself is an appointment with Sally and see how you feel afterwards."


Wagga Wagga, NSW

Letting go of the past...

I was just stuck in life, not wanting to let go of things out of my past, still trying to be like other people instead of being me.

I have had Kinesiology before off 2 other people which has helped, I just knew Sally would get me back on track.

I can now enjoy what I am doing, mainly the things in life that were a real chore are easier to do because I can now feel in control of my life.

I now feel that the effects of having Kinesiology with Sally give me a greater feeling of energy and feeling better within myself, physically and emotionally.

I would recommend Sally to anyone who wants to take small steps to a better life now, if that is what you want. Challenge yourself."

Chris Plum

Ladysmith and Wagga Wagga NSW

Farmer and Remedial Massage Therapist

Dealing with Food Allergies and Intolerances...

Following the removal of a melanoma from my face and a broken foot in 2011, I was struggling both physically and emotionally. I had problems regaining full use of the muscles in my leg after my foot healed. While seeing a masseuse for treatment, she recommended I visit Sally. Having already had good results from another kinesiologist some years earlier I was keen to visit Sally.

I now walk better than ever.

I can work outdoors in the dust without sinus problems. I can eat more foods without having negative reactions. I understand which foods my body likes and which foods are beneficial to my health. I am better able to relax and no longer worry like I once did. This has also improved my relationships with others.

As a result of working with Sally I now feel calmer and more confident in situations which would have previously been stressful.

I would recommend Sally to anyone who would like to improve their quality of life, whether it is at work, in a relationship or on a personal level. Sally can assist you to a deeper understanding of how your mind works and the incredible mind/body connection.


Tarcutta NSW

Retired School Teacher, now Self-Employed on Family Farm

Distance Healing....

"I like most business owners am quite busy and unfortunately I have an existing back injury that I don’t treat well and whilst it gives me pain I generally put it to one side and keep working to my detriment. As you can imagine, I was not able to do this for long. It was at this time that I met Sally, she was referred to me through a friend with a glowing recommendation and while I generally don’t understand kinesiology I thought I would give it a go.

I spoke with Sally over the phone for 15 minutes, we did some short exercises and tests and that was it! She took notes was warm and friendly and told me to go about my work and just allow her to do her thing. I did simply that, worked through my jobs found myself to be quite productive and after about 10 minutes felt my persistent pain residing. After 45 minutes I got back on the phone with Sally, feeling quite accomplished, peaceful and still with no pain.

Sally re tested me again and from not being able to reach anywhere near my toes before I was now finding myself grabbing my big toes with ease… She shared some of what she did and what she found when she was working with me and it was INCREDIBLY ACCURATE. I don’t know what it was exactly but if you want to try an open honest and low risk intervention for your health Sally Holden is the woman you need to be speaking to.

Distance is no obstacle, she simply makes it work."

Aidan Parsons BOccthy,

Leadership and Behavioural Management Specialist

Keystone Executive Coaching

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